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Our Blockchain Leaders

The Kudelski Blockchain Security Center is comprised of industry specialists and blockchain experts that enable you to implement and sustain new business models based on blockchain technology. This team offers sound advisory support and the proven technology you need in order to move forward with confidence.


Scott Carlson

Head of Blockchain Security

Scott spearheads the overall business strategy and direction of our program.

Ryan S.

Head of Solution Architecture and Research

Ryan is responsible for the overall architecture, design and delivery of our solutions, including foundational technologies and developer solutions.

Nathan H.

Head of Cybersecurity Research

Nathan leads the fundamental research program on blockchain, regularly presenting his research at global cybersecurity events.

Jean-Philippe Aumasson

Vice President of Technology

Jean-Philippe (JP) heads up the crypto assessments program and is a leading security researcher in the cryptographic community.

Yolan R.

Design Leader

Yolan is a senior security expert and leads our digital ledger design engagements.

Oscar Vickerman

Blockchain Advisor

Oscar Vickerman provides regional expertise and business development within London and the greater UK region with focus on Blockchain, IOT, and enabling large scale project success.

This core team works closely together with Kudelski Security’s broader resources to simplify and secure blockchain design, development and deployment within in your enterprise environments.


– Kudelski Security Advanced Labs provide the expertise and cutting-edge technology to carry out crypto assessments.


– We have Research teams and Labs both in the United States and in Switzerland.


– Advisory consultants help ensure blockchain technology strategy is securely and sustainably deployed.


– The core team supports internal development initiatives to drive innovation in enterprise blockchain security, with real-world application.

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