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“Before embarking on a distributed-ledger project, ensure your team has the cryptographic skills to understand what is and isn’t possible.”Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

How can I upskill my security workforce to be at the forefront of blockchain adoption?

A lack of available developers is already being felt by enterprises keen to be at the forefront of blockchain adoption. This skills gap will only become more pronounced as blockchain technology becomes mainstream.


Since there is currently insufficient talent to meet the blockchain needs of enterprise clients, there is only one obvious solution — upskilling existing developers. Our Blockchain Security Center is home to some the world’s leading blockchain and cryptography trainers, who can provide your developers with the tools and insight they need to start developing blockchain solutions.

Course options include:

Blockchain Theory and Practice

Designed as an introduction to blockchain technologies, this course covers fundamental concepts such as basic cryptography, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. Beyond this, attendees will learn about common security flaws in blockchain solutions, secure development practices, and how to create crypto tokens.

Crypto Attacks and Defenses

This course covers all of the essential components of modern cryptography, including ciphers, hash functions, formal security notions and attack models, elliptic-curve cryptography, and more. Crucially, the course also covers cryptography applications for blockchain solutions.

Why Us

Enterprise blockchain development is challenging and requires a high degree of expertise. Our Blockchain Security Center is home to some of the world’s foremost cryptography experts, who have significant experience in both the execution and teaching of crypto and blockchain concepts.

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