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As powerful as digital leaders and blockchain are, the underpinning cryptography is complex, and most enterprises struggle to find developers with the skills and experience needed to create secure, scalable blockchain solutions.


Some enterprises have heard that they need to be fast-to-market with a “blockchain-enabled” solution but are unsure where best to start.

Kudelski Security has brought together some of the world’s foremost cryptography and blockchain experts to run our Blockchain Security Center (BSC). Our mission is to enable enterprise clients to realize the business benefits of blockchain technology in a simple, secure, and scalable manner.

An informal initial scoping meeting will help highlight which services are applicable to your projects. Services fall into one of four categories:

Security Audit, Assessment, and Validation

Enterprise applications of blockchain technology are far from simple. And when so much energy is required for development of core functionality, it’s easy for security to take a back seat.

Security Architecture Review

Developing enterprise blockchain technologies is a challenge and requires a high degree of expertise. And while blockchain architectures are theoretically sound, a great deal of attention must be paid to their underlying security and cryptography.

Security Design and Implementation

Many large enterprises have identified the opportunities offered by blockchain technology, but don’t have the skills and experience in-house to realize their vision.

Security Training

As exciting as blockchain technology is, there’s one huge barrier to entry — A lack of available developers with the skills and experience needed to produce secure, scalable blockchain solutions.

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