Blockchain is Not

Inherently Secure

Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) provide a foundation for disruptive innovation across all sectors and industries. Its success, however, likely depends on whether security is assured at all stages of the solution lifecycle.

While records on a blockchain are well protected through cryptography, the code and cryptography underpinning blockchain architectures are often complex, with undiscovered flaws.  For many projects, security has taken a back seat as enterprises or inventors rush to become first to market. Flaws in the design or implementation of blockchain networks leave them open to exploitation. Passwords and keys can be appropriated and misused. The distributed nature of infrastructure, clouds, and trust relationships have been exploited.

Kudelski Security empowers enterprise adopters to build security and encryption into their blockchain solutions from the start, making integration of highly secure components seamless and straightforward. With over three decades of cryptography expertise, and some of the world’s foremost blockchain thought leaders, we will help you succeed at every stage of your blockchain implementation — from inception and design to architecture review and training.


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