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The Kudelski Blockchain Security Center seeks to establish a robust community of experts focused on furthering blockchain development by enabling blockchain developers with tools and expertise to design, build, and run secure applications. By focusing on security, we believe we can instill confidence needed to inspire broader investment and increased utilization of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Current partners include:

BTblock, a New York-based blockchain and cybersecurity consultancy that enables ideation, validation, and implementation of emerging technologies. Using the Design Sprint Hybrid Model™, BTblock challenges assumptions, validates hypotheses, and develops solutions that position clients as category leaders.

Ledger develops security and infrastructure solutions for critical digital assets for individuals,
financial institutions and industry by leveraging a distinctive, proprietary technology.


LORCA‘s mission is to support the most promising cybersecurity innovators in scaling and growing solutions to meet industry’s biggest challenges, while building the UK’s international cybersecurity profile.

Cossack Labs is a data security solutions company that provides tools to protect sensitive data in distributed applications and infrastructures, prevent data breaches, and enable businesses to comply with data security regulations.

X41 D-SEC – A renowned expert provider of high-quality security research, application security services, penetration tests, and full red teaming.

BlockFrame is a logistics company that utilizes blockchain technologies to enable an eco-secure framework for handling cybersecurity throughout the supply chain.

Providentia Worldwide is a new technology and solutions consulting firm that bridges the gap between high performance computing, hyper scale, and blockchain.

River Loop Security provides cybersecurity solutions for the lifecycle of IoT and embedded systems, including embedded penetration testing, firmware security.

Accord Project is an open ecosystem enabling anyone to build smart agreements and documents on a technology neutral platform.

Blockchain Advisory is an established team of regulatory and technology specialists that actively assist numerous blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related projects such as initial virtual financial asset offerings, licensing of VFA service providers, crypto-funds, and the development & integration of blockchain technology in both existing & new business models. As a licensed VFA Agent in Malta, Blockchain Advisory have worked with a wide spectrum of partners ranging from start-ups to some of the most affluent companies in the crypto-space.”

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